The Capital Improvement Project Software

The Capital Improvement Project Software (CIPS) is a multi-user database software system that meets the diverse needs of any organization to store, monitor and manage financial and project information for Capital Improvement Projects.

The CIP Software includes the following components:

  • Integrated Financial and Project Management for the client's financial and engineering users
  • Web-interface for Consultants and Contractors to create Engineering Estimates, submit Bids, Change Orders and Invoices online.
  • Document Routing within the organization and with external entities like consultants and contractors
  • Integrated Microsoft Project Management

The CIP software is currently being used by one of the largest counties in Texas.

The CIP software can be interfaced to legacy financial applications like H.T.E., PeopleSoft etc.

The CIP software was designed with the assistance of experienced senior capital improvement project managers to provide a comprehensive flexible solution thatís easy to use and fast to implement.

Imagine... all yours financial and project management data fully integrated in one system, fully customizable, fully functional for all levels of your capital improvement projects, and all the details at your fingertips at a moments notice.
Imagine... having the ability to interface with Consultants and Contractors  and the Public through a web-interface, allowing you to save considerable time spent on paper work and communications.
Imagine... the time you could save by having all the complex information in one place where you could review it at any time with simple customizable queries.
Imagine... answering a complex information request in hours instead of days.
Imagine... all the time you could invest in analysis and planning instead of on data management if you had one software system to effectively handle all of your information.
Imagine... having all the information from each of the following functional areas in one system increasing your control over all facets of their performance.
  • Project Information including project plans.
  • Budget Information
  • Cash-Flow Information
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Contract Information
  • Invoice Details
  • Labor Cost Information